Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 will be getting better

Month 8 Day 21

The first day of 2017, much has happened in the past few days itself let alone in 2016.

Many things have held me down in the past few weeks and would very much liked to get everything out of my mind by the end of the year. First things first, my car which wouldnt pass the test which if failed cant be driven on the road anymore. So have to sell it away... cheaply!!! So many things pop up my mind when it happened that pessimistic thinking came back, the expected amount of money you get return when you sold the car is now gone... but looking at it optimistically, just take it as the price to pay to rent the car for a whole 6 months... Thats seriously damn cheap. Anyway get to sold/scrap the car on the last day of 2016 after going around in circles with a few so called "buyers" which never appeared at all or low balling me with swaps and partial payment.... those guys can just fuck off man. So in the end opt for a bit lower cash payment but fast solution. Thats my biggest worry left in my working holiday and finally its considered done.

So.... have a very minor celebration for countdown, not even involve a countdown really just have a glass of wine with housemates and go out to see small fireworks by other people. Still lame like every year. Guess thats the life for me. Nothing much special and went to sleep woke up the next year LOL

First few hours of 2017 is going quite well, very productive, booked my accomodation at Singapore, rent the car for my 2 day Auckland Northland trip. Going to book accomodation for that as well but due to the SUUUUUUPER long distance drive, Im still not sure where Im going to stay. Its a total of around 5 hours+ drive to reach the (almost) northernmost point of North Island. Really need to consider a lot of things.

oh and btw, confessed in 2016 and woke up 2017 still single. Expected result but at least I tried and no regrets.

20 more days till Im back in Malaysia. Starting January cherish everything with all the time that I had left here.

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