Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 will be getting better

Month 8 Day 21

The first day of 2017, much has happened in the past few days itself let alone in 2016.

Many things have held me down in the past few weeks and would very much liked to get everything out of my mind by the end of the year. First things first, my car which wouldnt pass the test which if failed cant be driven on the road anymore. So have to sell it away... cheaply!!! So many things pop up my mind when it happened that pessimistic thinking came back, the expected amount of money you get return when you sold the car is now gone... but looking at it optimistically, just take it as the price to pay to rent the car for a whole 6 months... Thats seriously damn cheap. Anyway get to sold/scrap the car on the last day of 2016 after going around in circles with a few so called "buyers" which never appeared at all or low balling me with swaps and partial payment.... those guys can just fuck off man. So in the end opt for a bit lower cash payment but fast solution. Thats my biggest worry left in my working holiday and finally its considered done.

So.... have a very minor celebration for countdown, not even involve a countdown really just have a glass of wine with housemates and go out to see small fireworks by other people. Still lame like every year. Guess thats the life for me. Nothing much special and went to sleep woke up the next year LOL

First few hours of 2017 is going quite well, very productive, booked my accomodation at Singapore, rent the car for my 2 day Auckland Northland trip. Going to book accomodation for that as well but due to the SUUUUUUPER long distance drive, Im still not sure where Im going to stay. Its a total of around 5 hours+ drive to reach the (almost) northernmost point of North Island. Really need to consider a lot of things.

oh and btw, confessed in 2016 and woke up 2017 still single. Expected result but at least I tried and no regrets.

20 more days till Im back in Malaysia. Starting January cherish everything with all the time that I had left here.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

3 months of laziness, settled well here, Its already been 7 months, 2 months left

Month 8 Day 1

Initially its a day by day post now turns to be like 3 months I didnt write here. My biggest weakness is still here, LAZINESS and I dont know how or when only it will be lost or reduced.7 months being here in NZ, kinda feels already like home and so the laziness kicks in everyday is just cooking, eat, online, sleep, work and stuff... Its basically like a routine. Lack of motivation to write a blog post, edit pictures, and edit the South Island Video. Just feels like laying on bed the whole day.

So Nov 11(Singles Day??) just passed and recently the single dog topic is being brought out, so the reason why Im still single is of course analysed and turn out laziness played a big part as well XD Because Im very lazy to dress up so ended up single which I kinda agree to. All I wanted was to be comfortable and be myself so my first image always fails I guess. Another point is that I feel If I need to do this and do that to meet someone, they will not see the real me and even like also wont like the real me (Which apparently is not true for the whole world because first image really sticks) and whatever I said is only for meeting someone. In case of a job interview of course lar must fake fake wear nice abit. So I guess I still have a few more singles day to celebrate I guess.

Going back one day before Nov 11, something I dont want to happen to me actually happened which my car broke down. At that time I felt like my luck just keeps getting worse (I think most people would think that actually). With my pessimistic thinking I feel this car is gone case since it wont start and I might need to scrap the car and only getting back NZD300 (I plan to sell the car for at least NZD2000 so thats a 1700 lost). Turns out it only needed a NZD400 fix which is very very ok and a lot better than my worst expectations. Yet to get my car today since Its Sunday and workshop did not open. Will see if my car is ok by tomorrow.

People always told me 好人有好报, sometimes Im not really sure because people say Im very good (which I think Im still not THAT good) but if it is so, why unlucky things happen to me. But of course there is also another side where maybe this thing is already destined to happen in my life, but because I am good to people, I actually received help from all my friends here. Since last month there are a lot of things that touched me where my friends help me out (sad to say) in financial matters. In way of thinking I sometimes is really stubborn I guess but then If i started to see things at another side then it means some improvement right? LOLX

OK long essay. maybe update in few weeks maybe in a month haha

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Month 4 Day 9



李宗伟,马来西亚男单选手,世界排名第一,却一个大赛的冠军都没有拿过。他还自嘲了自己败者为王。奥运会,世锦赛都在决赛败了下来。一直以来的努力,练习为的就是要拿下站在自己与冠军之间的那一道墙,那一个自第一场交手之后就视他为宿敌的人 ——林丹。

快转到了2016 里奥奥运会,李宗伟和林丹再次相遇。两人都完全尽了力去比赛,让所有球迷观赏了一场世纪之战。最终李宗伟终于在奥运会上以2-1拿下了林丹。最后两人的拥抱,交换球衣让我们看了也都很感动。这是电影的最后一战也是最精彩的部分,就好像坏人其实是在默默的帮助主角成长到最后青出于蓝一样。





Friday, August 12, 2016

Its been so long...

Month 4 Day 1

Yet another month have passed. I had to check back what my last post is about just to continue writing. So many things happened between this post and last post.

Im currently at South Island now (those who follow fb already know lar obviously). Bought a car, found someone to carpool with me so drove 8 hours down from Te Puke to Wellington, stay a night there and took the ferry down south. Its a fun drive honestly and to see all those nice scenery when driving. Anyway thats from a month ago.

Yes kiwi season ended and its hoki season now (hoki fish not the sport hockey). Currently working at Sealord which is one of the big players in the fishing industry here. They have marketing all around the world and they are suppliers to NZ McD Filet O Fish's fish fillet. Apparently they also supply to UK's McD la. Work is kinda OKOK, there used to be a position i like better but well... beggars cant be choosers... literally need to save up money for the next trip around the island. Pays good and not so long working hours compare to kiwi which I liked in total only worked less than 7 hours everyday. Only thing that I dont like is got one aunty very kacao and always like scold/nag although I do respect the fact that she is experienced and skilled but then other supervisors or seniors all very nice one lor.... =.=

Edited a travel video of my trip with the housemates in Te Puke to Coromandel (which also happened a month ago), been working for a few nights on that video, used a month due to laziness. End result is ok ok, just satisfactory but the reactions from them when they watch the video is what keeps me doing this kind of stuff. Someone that appreciates your work although not so pro. Also its memories and it will last forever with something like a summary of a trip. Who knows where I will dump all those video clips if it wasnt edited into a video.

*Seperation point*

I know relationship stuff is not my 强项, recently been more taking care of a certain someone over here, actually more like I feel like talking to her more. Thats what happen to me usually and when I fall deeper its usually the end for me LOL. My past experience are still haunting me and not to mention this will be an LDR if the slightest of slightest possibility it happens so thinking rationally its better to just remain friends.

Meanwhile, I treat all my friends here very nice or so I heard they say XD Or is it just when you are outside and you know you will depend on people alot so you try to help or care for them as well, knowing that we are all actually in a similar "I Help You, You Help Me" Situation.

Guess thats all for now, cant wait for October to come. Right now just feeling damn tired every day, every week with 6 days of work everyday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another Month, same old same old

Month 3 Day 4

Should be updating this blog weekly but it seems like im doing this monthly due to laziness and nothing interesting that happened besides work work work work work... Not like anything interesting going on on my thoughts as well. Im just focusing on how much money I earned, do I have enough to spend. Thats it. Since Ive taken a supposedly sick leave, guess its a good time to finally update.

Cut the crap and Im at my 3rd month here. The weather doesnt seem to fluctuate that much (not even sure if thats the word to use for weather) but Im getting diarrhea for past 2 days and being too cold is one of the reason coming from my Chinese (as in China people) housemate (didnt know that since Malaysia is forever 33+ degrees). I did agree I am somewhat wearing less for this weather, always just thermal wear, short sleeve t shirt and jeans, jacket is something that I very less wear because when it sweats then it becomes uncomfortable. Anyway taken the advice and from now on going to wear a jacket to sleep. Not to mention the jacket is something that just arrived today from ordering online... AWWW YEAH!!!!!! My first Kathmandu product Wooo!!!

Trip wise, I think last month I just went to Rotorua with housemates and thats it. Went to Hamilton to look at a couple of cars as well, still havent bought one though. While at Hamilton also lost $20 at Blackjack in a casino LOLX.

Kiwifruit main season ending soon, this might be my last week of working at the packhouse and everyone is thinking where to go next. Of course, being the lazy me, I have no plan whatsoever at least see what everyone else's plan is and tag along. Im sure everything will be fine. The motivation to work has long gone and Im just looking forward to the season ending. I know so many people come here for Working Holiday is to earn money but then to me money isnt that big of a concern. Im here to enjoy 9 months worth of new experience not to work for money like Im dying in 9 months time. My hand injury is worse than my few previous post. Its more scar-ry now so taking an off day to let the wounds heal is not a bad idea as well.

That brings me to my next thing to talk about, lying to parents. Having wounds while working, sick, diarrhoea and having to eat porridge for the day. Didnt told them any of that because I would expect them to say, so do this? got do that? got eat this? got eat that? which to be honest I dont like to hear. I would tell them If what they would say is instead. oh ok take care of your self (maybe 1 or 2 advice or tips that I can accept) I think I show them the wounds my grandmother would even say if its too hard than go back to Malaysia. =.= Im not sure if Im thinking too much but I know how much my family cared for me so thats something that will really come from them especially my mom that is so worried about me since Im here. Conclusion is that I dont want to be feel pitied from my family (kinda feels like Im still a child for me), and I dont want them to worry as well. To tell them I live normally is to let them worry and to tell them the truth is to let them worry damn fucking sick so its better to tell them that Im still living my normal life.

What a long post so thats it for this time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parting, Picnic, First Sunrise, Longest Wharf and Falling apart

Its been awhile that Ive written a blog post. Been so lazy and busy and tired for past weeks.

Month 2 Day 9

Used to be my lower bunk mate, Sam is from Hong Kong and taught me a lot of stuff especially in cooking, though its basic but im someone who doesnt even know the basics in cooking. Very quiet and always snuck in his bed most of the time playing his phone. I think he is the first one here that I talk to quite a lot when I just arrived at Te Puke.

He's going back to visit his grandmother and will be coming back soon but sadly it will be the south island next time. So probably we wont meet till I went to Hong Kong or vice versa.

Closest friends here at Te Puke, Sam in the middle
Month 2 Day 10

Everyone off day, went to a (not really) nearby waterfall park. We didnt really go to the waterfalls though, just find a nearby grill and picnic there. Scenery is very beautiful, many ducks and then there is a maple tree that is fully covered with red maple leaves. Steaks, Sausages, Chicken wings on a picnic together with friends what a perfect memory.

Our picnic place


One of us carve names on the sausages and we pick them randomly to see whose we get to eat. So funny!!
Month 2 Day 12

Took a day of leave just to join those who have off day on a trip to the eastern part of North Island. Something is really true for this trip. Money is fairly important when living here since... well you just need money to survive and travel later in the journey. BUT, having some friends to travel with you will definitely make the trip much much more memorable and that is why a trip with this bunch of people here is so much important than making money (with that said, I have yet to work this week and already on a 3  4 day run *while writing this blog HR said tomorrow no work also =.=*  LOLX money keeps flowing out)

The trip itself is fun yet tiring. Its exciting when you get to see places that beautiful, and then there is the "place where the sun rises first in the whole world" and "the longest wharf in New Zealand" tagline to it. To reach the places though, We need to go round Opotiki and then to East Cape den bla bla bla..... Its better to show I guess

Map of the tour

So back to where I was... Since car is not mine, Im not the one who do (most of) the driving. We started the journey at freaking 1am to catch the sunrise. I drove from Te Puke to Opotiki and the rest the car owner drove it all since there were mostly gravel roads and mountains.

East Cape is where we see the sunrise unfortunately due to my slow driving, we reached abit later than expected and were not able to climb to the lighthouse to see the sunrise, we climbed it after the sunrise. Not to mention it was damn cb cold before sunlight and whatever I wear is just barely enough.

Clouds... not really great but still its a sunrise

The climb to the lighthouse.... 800 steps of v big gap stairs... Was so tired that I collapsed/lie down when I reached the peak (wondering am I able to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing anytime in the near/far future DAMN). View is worth every drip of sweat and every inch of muscle pain though.

East Cape Lighthouse
Further down, we drive to Tolaga Bay Wharf which is the longest is NZ. Im so tired of writing im just going to throw in pictures.
Tolaga Bay Wharf

Te Puke friends (got lenglui neh.. one which i call 女神... i have too many 女神 dy LOLX)

By the time we reach Gisborne for dinner, its already 7pm and time to go back. There is a touge part between Gisborne and Opotiki which my friend drove in the night, I have to stay awake as co. driver LOLX. Then I made the last drive back to Te Puke from Opotiki. Im just thinking of rushing home and I slam 90-100 (speed limit) along the way. Its also extremely foggy like silent hill for part of the way back (I slowed down of course). Totally collapsed back home.

Trip started at 1am where I already realised I have sorethroat, after climbing up the lighthouse sweating and wind chills im feeling headaches and after the drive back which is around 11pm Im not sure how I feel anymore... just sick

Month 2 Day 13

Officially sick with the sorethroat gone and feeling feverish and flu-ish. Both legs experiencing muscle pain.

Month 2 Day 14

Feeling better, muscle pain continued till today. Received message that tomorrow no work again FUCK MY LIFE!!!! No income up till this day. (I guess those reading can sense my laziness in writing already so ya.... )

Thursday, May 12, 2016

30 days, in a blink of an eye

Month 2 Day 1

Today marks the monthsary (its a thing between couples nowadays rite??) of me coming to New Zealand and I think I should provide an update now haha. Nothing much changed since my last post. getting bored of going to work for 10 hours every day, coming home late, cook, bath, movie time, sleep routine.

Getting better at cooking... I guess, or its just me having more ingredients to cook something, anyway been trying to cook some Malaysian food and my next target is nasi lemak. Most ingredients are kinda prepared and also know where to find the rest of the ingredients, was surprised that Asian Supermarket sells pandan leaves and ikan bilis LOL. Starting to learn to cook steak as well, its cheap here at most $5 for a piece which is fairly ok considering that I earn 800+ per week. With that said, I still need a car (which is prohibited by my parents but no one can stop me lar) and looking at a budget of 1.5-2.5k include all costs. 

Missing home, well I guess my subconscious misses it. For the past 2 weeks I have dreamt of waking up back in my house in Malaysia twice. Meeting my family and then wondering how can I get back to New Zealand. The first is when a NZL bus "magically" fly back to NZL, and the second I just woke up back here. Feels like going down a trip back to Malaysia somehow magically. Its a good dream nonetheless and I woke up feeling... owh fuck... time to pack kiwis again. XD

An update on plans this coming off day? Tauranga to find Pandan leaves and ikan bilis. Maybe take a walk at Bayfair - one storey shopping mall.